The area around the Reno Tahoe International Airport is Class D Airspace and spans a radius of 5 Statute Miles. Within this 5 mile radius the FAA has set up automatic flight height approvals for drones. When booking aerial services please take a look at the map below and see if your listing falls within this 5 mile radius and what the automatic approval heights are. If you’d like images taken at a height higher than the automatic approval stats then please book your services at least 1 week in advance. Booking in advance does not guarantee that approval will be granted but we will make every attempt to get to get it approved. All drone services are regulated by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) and must follow all rules and regulations. All Aerial/Drone services are contingent upon getting the proper clearance prior to flight. Wind and weather conditions also play a major factor in drone operations. Eclipse Real Estate Photography and Pilots holds the exclusive right to determine whether wind and/or weather conditions or any other element provides safe flight conditions for drone operations.

You can also download an app called Air Control (iOS, Android) that better shows the location and what the FAA automatic flight approval height for a certain location.