Pre-Shoot Checklist

Our goal is to show your home with the highest quality possible that will attract buyers and get you the best potential offers. To ensure your photo shoot goes smoothly and safely, we put together a checklist of things you should consider doing prior to your appointment. A printable version can be downloaded below.

Please feel free to contact us or your agent if you have any questions.



  • Replace any burnt out light bulbs and make sure they’re the same color temperature in each room.
  • Blinds and shutters cleaned and open.
  • Lamp shades straightened and dust free.
  • Pictures on the walls should be straight (level).
  • Hide all waste baskets/trash cans throughout home (kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms).
  • Remove seasonal decorations from both interior and exterior so photos are not dated.
  • Windows clean and streak free.
  • Ceiling Fans turned OFF and dusted.
  • Computers OFF, Laptops closed, cords and cables neat (hidden if possible).
  • Cell phone and tablet chargers put away.
  • Hide any valuables.
  • Remove small throw rugs including door mats.
  • Minimize clutter to open up rooms.
  • Remove all personal items that you’d like to not be photographed such as family photos.


  • All counter areas cleaned and cleared of appliances (hide toasters, blenders, detached microwaves if possible).
  • Dishes, sponges, dish rags and hand towels put away, sinks clear.
  • Paper napkins and paper towel rolls removed.
  • Remove everything from Refrigerator doors and sides


  • All clothes should be hung up or put away.
  • Rooms should be clean with beds made.
  • Walk-in closets should be free from clutter.


  • Mirrorsand glass clean and streak free.
  • Remove all items from counter tops, sinks, showers, and tubs.
  • Remove plunger and cleaning tools.
  • Remove all rugs and mats.

Twilight Prep (If Sceduled)

  • Turn on all interior and exterior lighting.
  • Turn on pool/spa lights if possible.
  • Light fire pit if possible.


  • Put away hoses, tools, yard equipment, toys and any other items.
  • Vehicles should be remove from the driveway and street area directly in-front of home.
  • Driveway, pathways, and patios should be cleared of snow and leaves.
  • Ensure exterior is clear of trash and debris.
  • Lawn mowed and clippings/leaves swept away.
  • Shrubbery in front of the house trimmed.
  • Remove any empty flower pots.
  • Remove all yard signs (home security, school, political, etc.).
  • Put trash/recycle bins in garage or out of sight.
  • Pool/spa cover should be removed if possible.
  • Water features should be turned on if possible.


  • Put away any food and water dishes, toys, beds, etc., both inside and outside.
  • Hide cat litter box and any scratching posts or towers.
  • Please have pets safely restrained on a leash, in a    kennel, or off site during appointment.
  • Please pickup any animal waste from exterior of your home.